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New Students are all Smiles


What a fantastic week we've had at Dee Why Public School!

Our Year 1 to 6 classes began smoothly, including many new students, and our delightful new kinders have been arriving for BEST START and are still all smiles... 

First days at school can sure be daunting, but our new students and our new kinders have made it look very easy. Not only are our new students very confident and enthusiastic, but are assisted by the caring and professional staff and very protective student body that have looked after them through out the week. Many examples have been seen of teachers guiding the new students with friendship groups, whilst older students have taken time to demonstrate new games and activities for the new students to join in with. Older boys and girls have also helped with what to buy at our canteen, Dee Why Delights.

Let's do it all again next week!