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Jaya (Therapy Dog)

Welcome Jaya to Dee Why P.S.

I would like to introduce our newest member of the school’s wellbeing team- Jaya! Jaya is a female groodle (golden retriever mix poodle). She is now in training and will slowly be integrated into the life of the school as a therapy dog, available to assist students across the school when needed. Therapy dogs are used in schools in the US, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Australia. Therapy dogs are said to have a therapeutic or positive effect on students in the classroom. The internet is full of articles about therapy dogs and school dogs and the assistance they provide in the classroom and to the students. Jaya has a non-shedding, allergy friendly coat however, if concerned any students with allergies to animal hair can specifically avoid coming into contact with Jaya. We also understand that some students are fearful of dogs. Any interaction with Jaya would be on a voluntary basis. No costs will be incurred to the school for the Therapy dog. It is important that families respect our policy that other dogs not be brought on to school grounds.


I’m sure Jaya will bring lots of joy to the students at Dee Why P.S.

Dani Olivey

Learning and Support Teacher