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School Contributions have arrived!

Last week the 2024 School Contributions have been emailed to all parents and carers, via School Bytes.

We appreciate parents and caregivers meeting these costs in a timely manner to support and meet our 2024 budget plans. Overall, general school contributions support a variety of student programs and needs, including purchasing the most appropriate resources to support student learning. The curriculum programs include the cost of in-school music events, such as Opera Australia and Musica Viva. The technology contribution will support ongoing upgrade and maintenance of a technology rich learning environment including computers, iPads, the network, interactive whiteboards and digital projectors, employment of a part-time technology support officer; in addition to online programs such as Reading Eggs and Mathletics. 

The future direction at Dee Why School is very exciting, but is dependent on your financial support. We ask that the attached Statement of Account is returned with payment by Friday 1 March.
Payments can be made either by cash, cheque, credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or our secure Online Payment system, located within School Bytes. Please note, Office hours for payment are 8am to 2pm, with payment outside these hours available online.

For those parents that are not in a financial position to pay the full amount at this time, please contact the school office and include a confidential letter/email to the principal. 

It would be greatly appreciated if the attached sheet is returned with payment by Friday 1 March, to reduce administration time in follow-up, and to assist in school budget and planning.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated support in this matter.